Acting ethically and compliant


Care for the environment

  • Choosing a SMA member for your move is an act of social and environmental responsibility. It is a commitment to the sustainability of the small and medium enterprises, mostly in the hand of the same families for many generations.
  • Switzerland seems particularly exposed to the impact of global warming with its visible detrimental impacts in the form of the melting of its glaciers or the instability of the mountain rocks, the drying out of lakes or flooding of entire villages. SMA companies are aware of their CO2 emissions mainly caused by the usage of their trucks and packing material which are despite the digital age to a certain extent still unavoidable emission. SMA companies strive to continuously reduce these emissions, many of which measure the emissions and have a proper environmental management system in place. Some are ISO 14001 certified. Whether it is a systematic recycling program, collaboration with second hand markets for the reduction of debris, usage of re-usable packing material or the combination of loads for long distance transportation are all means of CO2 reduction which SMA members monitor carefully.

Financial stability

  • Besides committing to legal requirements, SMA companies will conduct their business in a manner that puts the existence of their business in the long run always ahead of short-term interest.
  • The long-term survival of a SMA member is guaranteed by financial criteria that SMA members must adhere to. SMA looks particularly at the amount of cash available in comparison to the short-term debt. These criteria shall avoid that a customer pays in advance and does not get any service in return.
  • SMA takes feedback from customers very seriously. If there are customers who express their doubts about SMA company not behaving according to above principles, SMA will investigate the matter with the owner of its member company. The regular SMA audits carried out by external professionals will also assess a member’s corporate social responsibility and flag any indication of potential misbehaviour.

Protecting your personal data according to best practice and European law requirements

  • SMA companies make sure that your personal data is not used for any other purpose than for the delivery of the services that you have mandated the SMA member to perform.

Avoiding acts of economic crime

  • SMA companies transact in a transparent way with every contracting party and avoiding all sorts and form of corruption, money laundering or any other form of economic crime.
  • While the authorities have the ultimate responsibility to ensure compliancy with laws and regulations, SMA also audits with the help of external professional auditors the adherence to these principles.

Quality and environmental management systems

  • A quality management system increases the chances of a claim free move according to the terms and deadlines agreed. All SMA members do care about their customer’s satisfaction and have a respective feedback system in place. The feedbacks are monitored and lead to actions in the strive for continuous improvement.
  • A professional environmental management system ensures a constant effort of reduction of CO2 emissions.


  • Choosing a SMA member for your removal means choosing a compliant way to move your household goods. Whether you move locally next door or internationally to the other end of the world, the SMA members will do everything possible to ensure all parties involved are adhering to local and international laws and regulations as well as best practice. Find out more here.