Properly equipped



The fleet of vehicles of SMA members are specialised for the removal of household. Trucks and vans are state of the art, clean and regularly maintained. Every SMA member has at least one truck in its fleet.

SMA movers take care of parking permissions from local authorities to avoid negative surprises to your neighbours during loading/delivery.

Moving equipment

A move is first and foremost a service and not a product. As such, one could argue that the qualification of the personnel involved in moving household goods is the most important success factor of a moving company.

SMA members however recognize that state of the art equipment plays an important role in the delivery of a professional moving service. This includes proper equipment for the disassembly and/or reassembly of furniture. The equipment to carry heavy items such as pianos, fitness equipment or safes is either available or subcontracted to professional providers of removal of heavy items. Further equipment such as outside elevators, forklifts and other tools are available, properly used and regularly maintained.

Professional office equipment and ergonomics

A SMA mover does not operate from a dark corner of its warehouse. A SMA member will ensure proper equipment, lightning and IT infrastructure to conduct a professional service.

Adequate storage facility

The storage facility of SMA members must be larger than 250 m2 dedicated to the storage of household goods, properly locked, cleaned at regular intervals and pest controlled at regular intervals.

Professional packing material

The packing material of SMA members is state of the art for the purpose of moving of household goods or personal effects.


The crew members of SMA companies are wearing professional uniforms. The clothing reflects in the dark, avoids scratches on furniture and walls.

The regular SMA audits carried out by external professionals make sure that the above equipment is available in adequate numbers, professionally used, properly maintained and regularly renewed.