Being good employers


Legal and fair employment terms

  • We pay our employees a fair salary.
  • We insure our employees against accident, invalidity and other risks according to the social insurance coverage requirements. Most of our members insure their employees better than what the law requires the employers to do.
  • When we work on weekends or during nights, we will ask for permission of the authorities and pay the legally due supplements.

Priority on health and safety

  • We comply with the requirements of the Swiss Accident Insurance (SUVA) who also audits the SMA member companies on a regular basis about reducing health and safety hazards and preventing accidents.
  • Whether legally required or not, SMA movers use safety equipment such as protected shoes. We train and re-train the operators of outside elevators, forklifts and other machines.

Staff development

  • A move is first and foremost a service and not a product. As such, the qualification and competence of all parties involved in moving household goods are the most important success factors of a moving company.
  • Professional and managed induction, training and development programs make sure that all the people you are dealing with directly as well as all the people involved in the background are continuously reskilling themselves according to the changing needs of our customers and other stakeholders.