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Please fill in this contact form and the three SMA members geographically closest to your starting location will contact you for a binding quotation.

This ensures a fair price and an environmentally friendly move and avoids negative surprises regarding delays.

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Best Umzug AG – Cham
Best Umzug AG – Lupfig
Best Umzug AG – Zürich
Bischof Umzüge & Transporte – Zurich
Bolliger & Tanzi SA – Ticino
DGM Veron Grauer SA – Geneva
Dubuis-Fournier SA – Valais
EC Umzüge AG – Zurich
Emil Schmid und Partner AG – Zurich
Fankhauser Umzüge + Reisen GmbH – Zurich
Fritschi Transporte & Umzüge AG – Zurich
Gafner AG Umzüge + Transporte – Bern
Gimmi Umzüge AG – Thurgau
Gmür & Co AG – Central Switzerland
Gosselin Moving AG – Basel
Gosselin Moving AG – Bern
Gosselin Moving AG – Geneva
Gosselin Moving AG – Zurich
GRischa Transporte AG Chur – Eastern Switzerland
Heider Transport AG – Zurich
Henri Harsch HH SA – Basel
Henri Harsch HH SA – Geneva
Henschen AG – Basel
Jost Transport AG – Basel
Jost Transport AG – Zurich
Kehrli + Oeler AG – Bern
Kehrli + Oeler AG – Zurich
Keller Swiss Group AG – Basel
Keller Swiss Group AG – Bern
Keller Swiss Group AG – Geneva
Keller Swiss Group AG – Zurich
M. Ducret SA – Geneva
Maurice Tornay SA – Valais
Möbel-Transport AG – Zurich
MORAND Transporte AG – Bern
MRS Management SA
Pelichet NLC SA – Geneva
Peyer Bern – Bern
PIZ3 GmbH – Eastern Switzerland
Schäfli AG – Schaffhausen
Schiess Transport AG – Eastern Switzerland
Schneider Déménagements SA – Geneva
Schneider Déménagements SA – Lausanne
Settelen AG – Basel
Sterling Relocation Switzerland SA – Geneva
w. wiedmer ag – Zurich
Weber-Vonesch Transport AG – Central Switzerland
Welti-Furrer AG – Aargau
Welti-Furrer AG – Bern
Welti-Furrer AG – Zurich
Wittwer SA – Marin